magnifier /ˈmæɡnəˌfaɪər/

zmadhues, lupa, лупа, povećalo, Lupa, loupe, die Lupe / das Vergrößerungsglas, μεγεθυντικός φακός, nagyító, lente d’ingrandimento, amplificatore, лупа, lupa, lupă, Увеличитель, lupa, lupa, lupa, lupa


In order to make sure we deliver best-in-class services, our translations include reviewing by default.

Based on the DIN EN ISO 17100 quality standard, we have implemented a two-layered reviewing process: first review done by a mother-tongue specialist translator; then terminology check before delivering the final text.

This means that once the text has been polished in terms of content, structure and choice of wording, we proceed to correcting any final details and technicalities, such as: grammar, spelling and punctuation; semantics and linguistics; consistent specialist terminology.

On top of that, we can provide reviewing services for translations delivered by a third-party supplier. This can be part of your extra layers of quality assurance, and a guarantee that you receive flawlessly translated texts.

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