keyboard /ˈkiːˌbɔː(r)d/

tastiere, tastatura, клавиатура, tipkovnica, Klávesnice, clavier, die Tastatur, πληκτρολόγιο, billentyűzet, tastiera, тастатура, klawiatura, tastatură, Клавиатура, tastatura, klávesnica, tipkovnica, teclado

DTP / Desktop Publishing

In order to keep an original document’s look and feel, professional translation and reviewing are first part of the story. Through DTP / Desktop Publishing services, we make sure that your documents preserve the original visuals, too.

Layout, fonts, graphics, tech specs: upon your input, our graphic designers can adapt the translated version into the original form. It can be a case study or white paper, a poster or packaging – everything goes through tight quality control checks, in order to make sure your final product is ready to use.

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