wax seal /wæks siːl/

vule dylli, wax pečat, восъчен печат, voštani pečat, pečeť, sceau en cire, das Wachssiegel, σφραγίδα κεριού, viaszpecsét,  ceralacca   , восочна заптивка, pieczęć woskowa, sigiliu de ceara, восковая печать, воштани печат, voskové tesnenie, vosek pečat, sello de cera


There are situations when having a rigorous translation is not enough. Your text might need certification to stand in front of various authorities and institutions, with regards to either document authenticity or translation accuracy.

It is a further case of our strict quality standards: due to their extensive experience with legal texts, our professional translators are recognized by official institutions, and authorized to certify translated documents.

For all your business documents (Company founding agreements, Commercial contracts, Taxation documents, Certifications etc.) you can count on SWS to have them professionally translated and certified.

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