hammer /ˈhæmə(r)/

cekic, čekić, чук, čekić, Kladivo, marteau, der Hammer, σφυρί, kalapács, martello, чекан, młotek, ciocan, Молоток , čekić, kladivo, kladivo, martillo


As a legal professional, you are facing stressful situations on a regular basis. You expect legal professional translations to support your case with accuracy, consistency and short turnaround times.

With over 10 years of large-scale legal translation projects, covering multiple languages, SWS is uniquely qualified to support your special cases.

Most frequent document types:
– Service provision contracts
– Laws and Law projects
– Summons
– Documentation for domestic or foreign trials
– Non-disclosure agreements
– Insolvency bulletins
– Regulations

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