modem /ˈməʊdem/

modem, modem, модем, modem, modem / směrovač, modem, das Modem, μόντεμ, modem, modem, модем, modem, modem, mодем, mодем, modem, modem, modem


Professional translations for information technology and telecommunications are among the most challenging translation projects one can get. Whether into software of hardware, you have high speed product development and implementation of new technologies. Delivery methods keep migrating from physical to cloud-based. Above all, your partners are used to better, quicker, more cost-effective.

At SWS, we are quick on our feet. We have an extensive network of specialist translators who can cover even niche topics, with high accuracy, within short deadlines.

Most frequent document types:
– Dialogs
– Menus
– Descriptions
– Information about characters, places and events
– Tutorials
– System messages
– Names of objects
– Abilities

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