binoculars /bɪˈnɒkjʊlə(r)z/

dylbi, binokular”, бинокъл, dalekozor, dalekohled, binoculaire, das Fernglas, κιάλια, látcső , binoculare, двоглед, lorneta , binoclu, бинокулярный, биноцулар, binokulár, binokularni, binocular

About SWS

 What is the difference between a small translation agency and a multinational translation company? In our case, it took about 15 years of hard work to grow from local to national, and then European-wide, with offices and partners across Central- and Eastern-Europe. We are experts on both the most frequent language combinations (say German-Russian, or English-French) and all other European ones (such as Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian etc.).

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The client's request

A dedicated project manager confirms the receipt within 15 minutes.

Request analysis

Before starting, we make sure that everything is clear, and we can deliver within specifications.

Time & cost assessment

Before starting, we send a quotation and wait for your confirmation.

Resource allocation

Depending on document type and needed expertise, the dedicated project manager will pull-in all the needed translators, identify relevant glossaries and suggest the right CAT tools.

Study, research, translation

Once the project is cleared, the translator analyses the details (e.g. terminology requests), then proceeds to delivering the consistent translation that the client needs.


We assess the translation accuracy, make sure that all the specifications are followed-through, and that we deliver as requested.

Document formatting

We make sure that the layout is similar to original.

Delivery & invoicing

When the client confirms that everything we delivered is perfect, we proceed to invoicing.


We know that quality is a deal breaker, therefore we got our management system ISO certified since 2008, and recently refreshed to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. For specific industries, where DIN EN ISO 17100 is a must, we are already standard-compliant and work towards certification within months.


We are proud members of professional associations across Europe and beyond:

American Translators Association

European Language Industry Association

European Union of Associations of Translation Companies platform

Globalization & Localization Association


Eastern European TOP 20 Language Service Providers: as awarded by Common Sense Advisory in 2016, 2017.


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