Meticulous checking of your translation


At SWS Translation Agency, we also offer a professional proofreading service. Our services range from the simple checking of spelling, to thorough editing and other services to refine and polish your text. We specialise in Automotive translations.

Proofreading involves the checking and correction of spelling, punctuation and grammar. Our professional team has the necessary knowledge and many years of experience, and they work in strict adherence to the standard DIN 15038. This means that the first step is for the translated text to be checked by a specially trained mother-tongue specialist translator. This text is then submitted to an editor to check the terminology. The third and final step is a check performed by a professional proofreader.

Proofreading, as a rule, is one of the last stages in the translation process, prior to printing, publication or delivery. Beforehand, the text has already been polished in terms of its content, structure and choice of wording, and now it is a question of checking and correcting any final details and technicalities.

In addition to conventional translation services, SWS Translation Agency can also offer you proofreading services for texts that have already been translated. One typical use of proofreading is for subsequent quality assurance of a translation provided by a third-party supplier. As a result, you are guaranteed to receive flawless and technically correct translated texts.

We place particular emphasis in the proofreading process on the use of consistent specialist terminology. Our proofreading services cover the following aspects:

  • Linguistic errors
  • Grammatical mistakes
  • Semantic errors

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We offer a fast and reliable translation:

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