Translation of official documents

Translation of official documents

Certified documents confirm the authenticity of documents issued by an authority or institution abroad. They also confirm that the translated text corresponds to the original text.

At SWS Translation Agency, we adhere to the rigorous guidelines on translation standards when certifying translations. Our professional translators are certified and recognised by the relevant official authorities.

SWS Translation Agency has extensive experience in the translation of legal texts, regardless of the volume or subject area. As a rule, authorities request that the translation be certified in order to have additional reassurance as to its linguistic accuracy. Our professional translators are officially recognised, and authorised to certify translations.

Feel free to speak to us prior to having a translation certified. We will assist you throughout the entire certification process and ensure it runs smoothly.

Our specialisms:

  • Birth certificates, marriage certificates
  • Purchase agreements
  • Tax documents
  • Diplomas
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We offer a fast and reliable translation:

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