Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is one of the most demanding types of interpreting. It requires specialist translators with excellent oral comprehension, the ability to grasp ideas quickly, and high levels of concentration. During simultaneous interpreting, a speaker’s words are translated into another language after a short delay. The areas in which simultaneous interpreting is used most frequently are medium- to large-scale events where speakers speak in their mother tongues, but the audience predominantly communicates in another language.

For such events, we always provide you with our best professional, well-trained specialist translators. Our experience in and knowledge of simultaneous interpreting spans many years, and we apply this experience to every interpreting assignment.

Consecutive interpreting

In contrast to simultaneous interpreting, when interpreting consecutively, one of our professional interpreters translates the words spoken after the speaker has finished. The speakers could be senior board members, investors or judges, for example.

Our special service

We will support you in overcoming linguistic barriers in contract negotiations with your foreign business partners, by providing you with highly experienced and discreet interpreters. We will be happy to support your negotiations on-site at your offices or facilities. Interpreting enables you to establish new contacts without you having to master the language yourself. Simply use our service.

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