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Desktop-Publishing (DTP)

In the desktop publishing process, the visual properties of the original document are transferred to the translated document. During this process, care is taken to ensure that the layout, fonts and graphics are identical to the original. When translating documents, it is not uncommon for the translated text to be visually shorter or longer, which alters the layout. We have specialists who can deal with this and recreate the original layout.

At SWS Translation Agency, we check your translation’s graphics as part of our desktop publishing service and will make any layout adjustments that are necessary so that your end product looks the way you want it to, whether it is a poster or packaging.

Our desktop publishing (DTP) services include:

  • Formatting and adjusting the text layout to cater for the target language standards
  • Multilingual desktop publishing
  • Extensive quality checks

SWS Translation Agency carries out extensive quality checks on all desktop publishing work before the client receives the final product.

For DTP we use professional software, such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, FrameMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, MS Office and PageMaker. We are happy to work with other data formats on request.

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