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When translating marketing materials, it is very important to convey the original message. Flyers, brochures, posters must all sound appealing and be appropriately translated for the target audience. This is a particular challenge when a new product or service is being developed for a new cultural group. This calls for an exceptional command of the target language and many years’ experience in translating marketing materials.

In contrast to translations in other specialist fields (such as engineering), when translating marketing materials, it is very important to convey the emotional appeal of the text. Ultimately, this is the key to getting the message across to the customer and convincing him or her to buy the product. Typos or incorrect translations lead to an immediate loss of trust, and in the worst-case scenario, result in the customer purchasing from a competitor.

We at SWS Translation Agency are your experts in translating all kinds of marketing materials. Our long-standing experience also includes knowledge about different cultural groups. This is especially important when it is not only linguistic barriers but also cultural barriers that are obstacles to a product launch. With us, you will have a great start in a market that you have never entered before.

Our specialisms

  • Press releases
  • Brochures, flyers
  • Newsletters, website text
  • Banners and catalogues
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