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The constantly advancing digitalisation of the world and the increasing use of computers, smartphones, tablets and the Internet have established themselves in many households for a long time now. Almost every home in the world has a computer or at least access to the Internet.

Other trends in the IT sector such as cloud computing, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are speeding up this process.

These new technologies are not always intuitive to learn, requiring instruction manuals and videos. For consumers and end users, it is not unusual for these materials to be in a foreign language and therefore of no help to the user. In other cases, a translation is provided, but it is of a low standard, creating confusion and frustration.

SWS Translation Agency translates your handbooks, flyers, brochures and instruction manuals into the language of your target audience. Your customers will be grateful to you because they do not need an engineer’s services for commissioning. Your support helplines will also benefit, due to fewer calls.

We translate software programmes, handbooks, software supplements and websites to a consistently high standard.

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Our specialisms:

  • Handbooks for hardware
  • Instruction manuals for IT equipment
  • Software applications for SMEs and large companies
  • Apps for smartphones and other devices

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