toolbox /ˈtuːlbɒks/

kuti e veglave, kutija za alat, кутия с инструменти, kutija s alatom, Kufr na nářadí / Bedna s nářadím, boîte à outils, der Werkzeugkasten, εργαλειοθήκη, szerszámosláda, cassetta per gli attrezzi, алатник, skrzynka narzędziowa, trusă de scule, Ящик с инструментами , kutija za alat, skrinka na nástroje, škatla za orodje, caja de herramientas

Professional Translations: SERVICES

At SWS Translations, we know that professional translations are only the tip of the iceberg. Therefore we help our clients with a wide range of customized services. Our job goes beyond translating a said text. We go deep into reviewing, certification, interpreting and DTP above that.

You can now have a single provider for all your translation-related services. SWS Translations can offer high volumes or high speed; highly experienced native translators and interpreters; ready-to-use documents with original layout; outstanding translation quality; and excellent value for money.

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